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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: The Wine Guy Bistro

I had been into the Wine Guy Bistro over the summer when it initially opened to buy a bottle of wine but had not been in to eat.  There was a Groupon not too long ago for Wine Guy, and my cousin said it was one of her favorite restaurants, so I decided I'd buy the Groupon to give it a try!  Ross and I went on a Thursday night.  I hate the parking lot where Wine Guy is located, it is in Rookwood right by the Rusty Bucket.  There is never any parking and you typically have to park over by Don Pablo's or somewhere in that area.....well, the restaurant wasn't too crowded on this night and we were offered to sit inside or outside.  I thought the outdoor area looked really nice and cozy, but it was pretty hot out when we went.  The inside of Wine Guy is very open with wooden tables, a wine bar in the center, and a wine shop on one side of the restaurant.  I liked the decor and the tables but the acoustics made it pretty noisy. 

Ross and I took awhile to look over the menu.  Our waitress greeted us and explained the wine portion of the menu.  She said that there are various wine flights available for $14.99, glasses of wine, or you can purchase wine bottles from the store and pay for the $10 corking fee.  Most glasses of wine ranged between $8-$15.  We thought the better deal was to get one of our favorite Tempranillos at $10 a bottle and pay for the corking fee. 

As we sipped on our wine, our waitress brought a complimentary appetizer of pita wedges with a creamy cheese-type spread.  This reminded me a bit of hummus at first by the looks of it, but it wasn't.  It was cheesy and had a really nice flavor.  I liked this and thought it was a great little appetizer with the wine. 

We looked over the menu and realized many of the items are served in small plates and some are offered in large plates as well.  We asked our waitress what some of her favorite items were, she said the bruschetta, margherita pizza, and spicy shrimp pasta.  Well, we decided to try all three! 

The tomato and basil bruschetta came out first.  The bread was crispy on the crust and soft in the middle.  The tomatoes were very fresh and it was drizzled with balsamic.  I liked that the basil was shredded and there was just the right amount.  I would have liked a little more balsalmic, but this dish was overall very good. 

Next came our margherita pizza.  This was definitely bigger portion than we had anticipated.  After we looked at it, we realized it was very similar to the bruschetta! But that was okay with us.  I liked the tomatoes on this pizza even more than the bruschetta.  They were roasted nicely with just enough sweetness.  We could have easily just eaten these two items, but we wanted to try the shrimp pasta as well.  We had the rest of the pizza boxed up and waited for our pasta.

We had ordered the small plate of the shrimp pasta which was good since we had other items, but I wouldn't say this was enough to share by itself.  This was a great dish! It was definitely spicy though, if you don't like spicy food don't order this.  Luckily we love spicy food and thought it was great!  The shrimp was cooked very nicely and paired well with the linguini.  This was served with a tomato based sauce (yes, more tomatoes) and topped with scallions.  This dish was very light and yummy.  I would get this again for sure. 

Our service at Wine Guy was great!  We wished it was a bit less noisy overall in the restaurant, but it wasn't overly distracting.  We were glad we had our Groupon though because all those dishes with the bottle of wine added up.  This would be a great place to go for a bite to eat with some wine, there are many different cheese plates available, to go and share some dishes with friends, or to just have a glass or two of wine.  I think I will definitely go back!  But don't forget your leftovers! We left ours on the table :(

Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Overall Experience: 4

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant

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So my friend Kenzie called me up last weekend wanting to know if my husband and I wanted to go to dinner….of course, I agreed.  Going to dinner with another couple is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend . I love to have a cocktail beforehand, enjoy a  good meal, and maybe even a glass of wine or two. Kenzie called three places that day and could not get a reservation anywhere, I guess it was last minute, but we were surprised that none of them were available!  Sooo, we just decided to have a couple cocktails before we ventured out for a later dinner at the Rookwood in Mt. Adams.  I love going up to Mt. Adams, but hate dealing with the parking, so it’s nice to go here because they have a parking lot.

We walked in and waited a couple minutes for the hostess to greet us.  She told us there would be a 15 minute wait, which was fine (although, it was pretty empty being 8:15 or so).   The bar had plenty of room for all four of us, so we took a seat and ordered a glass of wine. They have a decent wine menubut I was especially excited because they have one of my favorite wines, Paso o Paso Tempranillo ( Although, I do hate when you know how much a bottle costs in the store and have to pay WAY over for the glass, but hey, it’s a night out!) While we were waiting, we decided to get some info from the bartenders.  They were both friendly and shared with us some of their favorite menu items. They both agreed their favorite was the pork belly sandwich, hands down, even when I asked for a second choice, they both said “pork belly sandwich.”  One of the bartenders was fun and shared with us how he has been to 48 out of the 50 states! Very interesting….although, he said his favorite city in ALL of these states is Columbus, a die hard Buckeye fan I guess.  I am an OSU alum, but I find it hard to believe it is the BEST city in the country…….

Not much later, we were taken to our table which had a nice view of the restaurant and were greeted quickly by our server.  She shared the special pasta of the day and also some of her favorite items.  They have quite a few appetizers that are unique to the restaurant like deviled eggs, hanky panky’s, fried bacon and a cheese board to name a few.  We didn’t order an appetizer, but the bartenders had told us the hanky panky’s are good (I asked Kris, who has had them, and she disagreed.  She doesn’t like them and was really disappointed actually).  I decided I had to try the recommendation of the pork belly sandwich.  I don’t even know what pork belly is and never had it before, so I thought it’d be good to try; although I have to admit, I was a bit nervous!  It comes with an order of fries, or you can substitute a side salad or grippo’s fries for $2.  The server said the grippo’s fries are really good, so I decided to try those.  My husband ordered the pasta special of the day,  Kenzie ordered the reuben sandwich, and Kyle ordered a cup of chili and a Caesar salad.

The pork belly sandwich had pickled onions, fontina cheese, applewood bacon, and fried egg on it.  It was served on a fococcia-type bread that was nice and soft.  The sandwich was really messy, mostly from the fried egg.  The sandwich was really good, but the egg flavor took over some of the other ingredients.  I couldn’t really taste the pickled onions or the cheese.  The bacon had a nice smoky taste which added to the sandwich.  For my first time having roasted pork belly, I thought it was tasty.  Not too crispy or chewy.  Kenzie tried the sandwich and agreed it was very good!  The boys refused to try it! I think the word “belly” turned them off, if I had told them it was a pork tenderloin or something, they probably would have been game.  The grippo fries were delicious. The barbecue seasoning added a little zest without being overly strong.

The reuben looked really good.  It was a really big sandwich with plenty of toppings.  My friend said it was great!  I have had the reuben in the past, and thought it was a really good too.  I love reubens, and it is one of the better ones I’ve had!  She was overall pleased with her order.  The chili was just okay.  We all tasted it and agreed that it tasted like something we had before; Kyle initially thought Skyline because he tasted some cinnamon, but I thought it tasted more like Goldstar chili, so really, it was nothing special.  The Caesar salad was pretty typical but overdressed.  Kyle wished he would have gotten the dressing on the side.  Since he had the chili and salad, he wasn’t that impressed with his meal; he probably wished he would have ordered something different.   My husband had the pasta of the day and wasn’t that excited about his either.  It was a fettuccine with some sort of cream based sauce, but there wasn’t very much sauce on it.  It had sausage and parmesan in it, as well as sautéed kale.  My husband was confused about the kale, he thought it was kind of weird, chewy, and his response was “this doesn’t taste good at all” (as you can see, we are very technical with our reviews). 

We stayed around for a bit longer and had another drink.  The ambiance of the Rookwood is so interesting and unique.  The restaurant is basically wrapped around a big kiln in the middle, and you can even eat in there, which is pretty cool.  I unintentionally had my own tour of the restaurant trying to find the bathroom and realized I was just walking in a circle.

 We all loved the ambiance of the restaurant and thought the service was overall good too!  Even though 2 of the dishes were less than impressive, I would definitely go back to the Rookwood.  Depending on what you get, it can be a little pricey though.  Their sandwiches range from $12-$14 which isn’t too bad, but their entrées range from $23-$26 (menu).  From my experience, the sandwiches seem to be the best bet!


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