Friday, April 8, 2011

Guest Blog: Senate

So today we are introducing a new feature we’re going to try out….Friday Guest Blogger Series! When possible, on Fridays we’re going to have our friends and family (let us know if you’re interested!) post about their dining experiences and/or recipes.
Today, my co-worker Beth will be blogging about her recent experience at Senate, which Kate and I absolutely LOOOOVE! Thanks, Beth...
First off I want to thank Kris and Kate for allowing me to guest blog about my dining experience. What a privilege to write for the Girls Who Grub!
The other night I had the fortunate experience of eating dinner with my good friend Alison at the Senate in Over-the-Rhine. I am a huge fan of this restaurant and have been many times! My favoritism comes from the niche of food they serve (gourmet street food) and the unique restaurant space where you dine (a narrow, cozy space with exposed brick and an open kitchen).
Every day at work, Kris and I read and talk about Senate’s “dog of the day” that they post on their Facebook page. It’s always named after a celebrity, and it always sounds AMAZING! So before meeting Alison at the restaurant, I had already found out that the dog of the day was the William Shatner – spicy falafel dog, chipotle hummus & roasted veggie chips. I knew I wasn’t going to order it (I always get my usual), but thought it sounded good.
Already knowing what I wanted, since I get the same thing every time, I ended up ordering the Poutine for the appetizer. This is by far the most disgustingly delicious mess of French fries, cheese curds, braised short ribs and gravy. Once you have tried this you will crave it for your next visit! Secretly, I think this is why I want to go back all the time.

Special thanks to Alison for the pictures!
After the appetizer, my friend Alison ordered a side of truffle fries and My Wife’s Salad, which consists of arugula, avocado, mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic. I didn’t try the salad, but Alison said she loves it because it’s light and fresh, but the mozzarella and avocado are just enough to make it filling as a light dinner. She joked that she always cancels out its healthiness by getting it with truffle fries, even though it’s only the top layer that is good (the ones further down in the glass are always soggy and disappointing).

I decided on my usual, the croque madame, which consist of a beef hot dog, béchamel and black forest ham on a brioche bun with a poached egg. My favorite part of the hot dog is the poached egg. I think anything that has an egg on it is delicious. There is something about the mixture of flavors that makes me want to go back for more.

Overall our dining experience was fantastic, which is no surprise to me. Our server Nathan was very prompt and courteous. I would definitely recommend the Senate if you're looking for a fun downtown experience with a different flair and unique cuisine!
Food: 5                                                                                                                                            
Service: 4                                                                                                                                       
Overall: 4.5

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