Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Behle Street Cafe

Since it is restaurant week, I have really been trying to take advantage of trying some new restaurants.  My husband has never partaken in this week before, so we decided on Saturday that we would pick one and try it out.  We looked at our choices on .  We didn’t decide until 5:00 that we were going to go, so we wanted to make sure we picked somewhere that might not be so crowded.  Behle Street Cafe looked good and the menu online looked pretty interesting too.  I called at 5:00 and the woman who answered was very friendly and told me that we could make a reservation for 6:30…perfect!  Behle Street Café is in Covington, KY and is located in the Embassy Suites hotel.  We were able to park in the garage directly behind the restaurant for free, which was a plus!

When we walked into the restaurant we immediately noticed that it was a very tiny place.  We were immediately seated.  The décor in the Behle Street is charming and there is a long wooden bar located in the back.  I noticed that a lot of people kept coming in to be seated, but it is a pretty small restaurant so there was definitely a wait.  Our waitress arrived a bit later, and we ordered our drinks.

My husband and I both planned to order off the restaurant week menu, but we did look at their regular menu as well.  They have a variety of items, including meatloaf, steaks, salads, and sandwiches.  From their restaurant week menu, you get to choose from an appetizer, a salad, and an entrée.  I went with the crab cake appetizer, wedge salad, and petite filet.  My husband ordered the bruschetta, Caesar salad, and shrimp and scallops fettucine with a white wine butter sauce.

We pretty much didn’t like ANYTHING.  Our appetizers, crab cake and bruschetta, literally came out two minutes after we ordered, which we didn’t find as a good sign.  It appeared that both items were pre-made.  The crab cake was just okay.  It tasted like imitation crab.  The bruschetta was not a typical bruschetta.  The topping for it, a tomato mixture, was served on the side of crostinis with melted cheese.  These weren’t that great either. 

Next came our salads.  My salad, the wedge, was a pretty typical wedge.  It is topped with bacon, tomoato, onion straws and blue cheese crumbles.  It is traditionally served with blue cheese dressing, but I had asked for ranch instead.  It came with ranch; however, they didn’t put the blue cheese crumbles on it.  All in all, the salad was fine.  I cannot say the same for the Caesar salad. The lettuce looked and tasted wilted.  Not good.  The dressing was okay, but the lettuce was awful so it ruined the whole thing.  Both salads were served with a side of bread which was good, especially since my husband didn’t end up eating much of his entrée….

On to the entrees:  Both were VERY disappointing.  First of all, I had asked for my filet medium.  I even asked the waitress how she would describe their medium (I find that some restaurants have a different definition) and she answered “pink”.  I went ahead and ordered it medium, and it came out well.  There was no pink anywhere in the steak.  Our waitress hadn’t come back to check on our meals, so I had asked a different waitress to take my steak back.  After about 12 minutes, a new steak was brought out that was more medium.  It was served with a side of asparagus and mashed potatoes. The best thing on the plate was the mashed potatoes.  I am by no means a snob when it comes to steak, but this filet was not that great at all.  It didn’t have much flavor or seasoning, so it was very bland.  It had a gorgonzola cheese melted on top, which was really the only thing that gave the steak any flavor.

(This is a picture of the first steak that was brought out, this is asparagus looks awful! I didn't try this one though.  The next one that was brought out was better).

My husband’s meal was even worse! The fettuccine was rubbery and pretty much inedible.  The scallops and shrimp weren’t any better either.  They had no flavor and the shrimp was overcooked.  The whole meal pretty much had no flavor….my husband gave it a 0 out of 4 stars! AWFUL.

Our waitress eventually came back to check to see if my steak was better, and I noted that it was.  After that we didn’t see much of her again.  She did arrive at the end of our meal to see if we wanted dessert, which we said no.  Five minutes later, the manager came over and asked if we wanted a dessert on the house since my steak was not prepared correctly.  At this point, I said “no”.  When the waitress had originally asked, she did not make it sound that it was “on the house”.   We paid our bill and left.  One of the biggest disappointments in a restaurant I have EVER had.  Especially when it was $26.11 per meal!  I would NEVER go back here and never recommend anyone else go here either.  This was definitely one of the worst dining experiences we have ever had.  The service was not that great, food was awful, and obviously over-priced!  Two thumbs wayyyy down!

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