Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review: Cincy By The Slice

Cincy by the Slice is a little pizza joint located on the corner of Plainfield and Blue Ash Roads in the Deer Park/Silverton area. I have driven past this little corner building and have often wondered what it was like. This building has been occupied by a couple different places over the years and nothing has ever seemed real successful. For one, the building is VERY small and narrow and also looks a little run-down. There isn't a ton of parking near by either, so it can be a little confusing as to where you are supposed to park.

 Well, all this aside, I have heard good things about Cincy by the Slice and wanted to give it a try on my way home from a happy hour one recent night. I figured I could walk right up and grab a slice of pizza and head back home. As I pulled into the tiny gravel lot next to the building, I saw a worker walking in. I asked him if I could just order a slice of pizza or 2 and he said of course.

 Apparently, Cincy by the Slice is known for their pickle pizza. Although this sounds a bit unique, I definitely wanted to try it because I love pickles. So I ordered one of those slices and told the friendly pizza maker to pick another slice that he would recommend. I was a bit hesitant that the pizza wouldn't be very fresh since it didn't seem that this place gets a lot of walk-ps, but the pizza man asked if I had 6 or 7 minutes to spare so he could make me fresh pizza...sounded perfect to me!

 As I looked around, the only waiting area was a lonely table outside on the gravel lot overlooking the busy road and railroad tracks.  I didn't want to sit out there by myself, so I asked if I could stand inside and wait. The 2 workers were very accommodating and didn't appear bothered by me at all! I was able to wait in the kitchen and make conversation with the nice workers. They said business has been good and told me about some of their favorite menu items. I also found out there is a location downtown on Main Street too:). It probably took a little more than 10 minutes, but I didn't mind the wait. They wrapped my 2slices up individually as I paid and was on my way! It was only $5 and change for 2 good sized pieces! A steal for how ungry I was :)

 I took my pizza home to enjoy, and that I did! I started with the pickle pizza and loved it! The pickles were a different typing, but in a good way! There was just enough sauce and cheese and I loved that the pizza was on the thinner side without being paper thin. It was a bit crispy, without being overcooked or crunchy. Cooked perfectly! I would definitely go back for this.

The other slice he gave me was a meat lovers. I told him to pick whatever, so this was fine, but I don't typically like a ton of meat on my pizza. This had pepperoni, bacon, and sausage. I really liked the sausage on this. It was a bit spicy, which I love.  I thought this slice could have had more sauce to even up with the meat, but overall this was pretty good!

 I was pleasantly surprised by Cincy by the Slice. I would recommend it, and hope to get it again soon, the staff was awesome and they do deliver. If you are in the area check it out!

 Food: 4
Overall Experience: 4

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