Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Daveed's at 934

During Restaurant Week this Fall, Kris, me and 2 of our friends decided to do our Wine Wednesday at a restaurant for a change.  After looking at some of the menus online, we decided to try Daveed's at 934 in Mt. Adams. Kris had been there before and raved about it, and 3 of us had never gone, so we thought it was a good choice. We made a reservation, but after arriving, I'm not sure if we would have needed one.  It wasn't too busy, but there were about 5 other tables seated.

The inside of Daveed's is really unique.  There is really vibrant, colorful artwork along the walls in the main room with some mirrors along one side as well.  It felt very modern but not "stuffy".  The tables had wine linens but the restaurant didn't feel too fancy.  I didn't go out back, but apparently there is an outdoor area as well.

Since we went for Restaurant Week, we ordered off that menu, but their regular menu seems to be "American with a twist".  Some restaurants give you a variety of choices for their Restaurant Week menu, but Daveed's had a soup, salad, and a choice of 2 for an entree.  Kris also said the truffle fries here are awesome, so we ordered a side of those to start with.

Our server was great.  He was talkative and a nice sense of humor too.  As we were enjoying our wine and talking, our server brought us some warm bread served with a spread.  The bread was nice!  I liked the spread, it was a nice change from original butter.  We were also brought an amuse bouche.  None of us really cared for this.  It didn't really have any taste to it all. Very bland.

The fries came out, and Kris was right.  These were delicious!  Very crispy and warm.  The truffle oil was light but added just enough flavor with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.  These was served with a "merlot" ketchup (I think that's what it was called), but most of us liked the fries better without it. I would definitely order these again.

Our soup arrived first which was a roasted tomato bisque with a homemade crouton and artichoke tapanade. This was fantastic!  Very creamy with great flavors of the tomatoes.  It wasn't too creamy though, it was more of a puree consistency.  This was one of the best soups I have had.  I would love to go back and get this again.

Next was our salad.  It was a romaine salad with feta and cucumbers tossed in a sherry vinaigrette.  I don't typically like cucumbers in my salad, but these were chopped fine and added a nice coolness.  I didn't LOVE this, but it was a good enough salad.

For our last course, I chose the flank steak.  Abby and Kris did as well.  This was served on a risotto cake, with spinach, and a honey truffle aioli.  They were cooked medium rare, which I like for flank steak.  This was great! I thought it was cooked perfectly.  The biggest surprise was the risotto cake, this was awesome! It had a nice crispy outside and warm and soft in the middle.  A nice addition to the steak.

Peppy got the other option of Grilled Chicken Pasta minus the chicken because she is a veggie.  This was a penne pasta with broccoli in a cheese-type sauce.  She really liked this!  I tried a bite and thought it was good as well.  I thought it'd be a bit boring without any meat, but it was pretty good!

I was overall really pleased with Daveed's.  The service was great.  All our courses were brought out together by an individual person which adds a nice touch.  The only complaint I would have was that it took awhile to get our checks and pay, but overall great!  Definitely give this place a try, on Thursdays they have burger and beer night, and starting October 1st, they are starting a pasta night special on Wednesdays as well.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Overall Experience: 4

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  1. I've gone a few times during RW and never really been impressed. I just think it's too pricey (when you look at regular menu) - we've also had some service snafus. My favorite was my vegetarian friend asked if they had any veg options for RW and the server said "Well we have duck". HAHAHAHAHA - still makes me laugh.

  2. Hahaha that is funny! I want to go and try their burger night!