Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Blog: Bottomless Mimosas!

My co-worker Beth will be our guest blogger again today! She has a great review about brunch at Poco a Poco, a restaurant in Hyde Park Square that specializes in Latin cuisine. I think the first sentence of her post pretty much says it all!!   ~Kris

Bottomless mimosas, anyone? If you’re looking for good food, good drinks and a warm environment then Poco a Poco is your place on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I've been to the restaurant before  for dinner and wasn't overly impressed with my food but they definitely redeemed themselves with brunch! I'm glad I gave them another chance!

What really enticed me to join my friends last Sunday was the bottomless mimosas. That’s right – bottomless! Where could you go wrong with drinking carafes of refreshing mimosas on a Sunday morning with your best friends? When I arrived around 11AM, the place only had a few people seated at various tables around the room and also at their cafĂ© tables outside in front of the restaurant. We were quickly seated and welcomed by our server, Jared, who was great and made sure our glasses were filled and our stomachs were satisfied.
At first glance of the menu, we all instantly noticed the very interesting item of pork and doughnuts. Yes, that is exactly what I wrote, pork and doughnuts! Two of the guys decided that they had to try this. The pork and doughnut dish consists of slow roasted pork with a Krispy Kreme doughnut that is layered with maple syrup. When the dish arrived it definitely looked interesting…and actually somewhat good. The combination between the sweet Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut and the tender, slow roasted pork made for a very complimentary taste of flavors in your mouth. Add a little bit of the maple syrup and you have a very sinfully, sweet treat! The guys left nothing on their plates and were very satisfied with this interesting combo.

One of my friends had been looking at the lunch menu and chose a burrito she thought looked delicious. When she went to order it, we were told that we couldn’t order anything on the lunch menu. L My friend was a little disappointed, but Jared assured her that he could check with the Chef and see if she could still have the burrito. He was successful! She received her very own custom burrito that the Chef had made just for her. She was very pleased with the combination of veggies, beans and pork all wrapped in a soft tortilla shell and served especially for her. (sorry no pic of this one)  
I decided on the Latin Benedict. I am a big fan of eggs Benedict and thought the slow poached egg, ham, smoked cotija cheese and pico de gallo sounded delicious!  All of the ingredients were well put together and added a slight Latin flare compared to the typical eggs Benedict. I really enjoyed the pico de gallo and smoked cotija cheese and would recommend this dish to anyone.

My other friends decided on the French toast, which consisted of crispy pork belly, two eggs and maple/agave syrup. They were very pleased with the combination of the pork and eggs with their French toast.

Not only was the food good, so was the service. Throughout the meal Jared was very friendly and conversational and always had our glasses filled with mimosas. We never once felt rushed to leave, even though the place began filling up around noon.  We ended up spending a couple of hours enjoying one another’s company with great food, great drinks and great service.

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