Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Chi-natti's

Pizza is one of those foods that everybody loves.  I like that you can make it at home, have it delivered, or go out to a local pizza place.  So, when Kris asked me to go to Chi-natti's, I couldn't refuse.  I had been to Chi-natti's a couple times before, but Kris had never been before.  Chi-natti's is located in Kenwood on Montgomery Rd. Every time I have gone here there has been plenty of seating and no wait time.  They do have a happy hour, but it was only until 6:00 and we had just missed it. 

Our waitress promptly greeted us.  She offered some information about the menu as a whole and was able to answer all our questions.  We decided to start with the Easy Caprese Salad which is slices of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil and balsalmic dressing.  This was a good size to share.  The tomatoes weren't quite as fresh as I would normally have liked but there was just enough dressing.  This is one of my favorite classic salads.  I love the combination of the soft, creamy mozzarella with the sweetness of the balsalmic. 

Chi-natti's offers both Chicago-style deep dish pizza and a traditional thinner crust.  I don't typically order deep dish pizza because it is too filling; however, Kris and I decided we should try it since we had never had it here before.  Our friend Christina was joining us, so we ordered a medium pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni. 
We were told if you order deep dish that the wait time will be a bit longer because it takes longer to cook.  We didn't mind.  This pizza turned out really good!  Many traditional Chicago style deep dish pizzas have the tomatoes on top of the cheese and other toppings.  The sauce had a bit of sweetness to it and there was just the right amount of cheese.  I thought there could have been more mushrooms on the pizza.  The crust was soft but crunchy.  It tasted a little bit like a cornbread crust.

We all ended up liking the pizza, but it was still too much for 3 people,but there was extra to take home.  This pizza is very filling, so take that into consideration when ordering a deep dish pizza.  Chi-natti's offers different specials throughout the week.  Their happy hour is every day from 3:00-6:00 with half off all drinks and appetizers.  On Wednesdays they have family night where it is buy one pizza get one free.  It does get pretty loud in here though, so it's probably not the place for a quiet dinner.  The prices are about $5-$9 for a salad...a bit high for a side salad.  They also offer sandwiches and catering.  This pizza is pretty good, but I am still on a mission to find my favorite pizza in Cincinnati, any suggestions?


Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Overall Experience: 3.5

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