Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Mt. Adams Bar & Grill

I really love going up to Mt. Adams but don't go very often.  My friend Jessica, who lives in Kentucky, and I were making dinner plans a week or so back, and thought Mt. Adams would be a good middle spot to meet.  I do wish there were more options of restaurants in the Mt. Adams area.  We decided to meet at Mt. Adams Bar & Grill which I had been to multiple times before and have always been pleased.

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill is located on Hatch St. right next to the Blind Lemon and Daveed's.  It's a nice location because there are options for parking near by (there isn't a ton of parking in the Mt. Adams area, so that is a plus).  We met on a weekday night and it wasn't very crowded.  Walking in, you notice the wooded walls, a bar to the left, and some booths and tables in the front room.  This restaurant is very warm and welcoming.  We were taken to a back room that had some old Cincinnati memorabilia, various clocks, and other eclectic signs on the walls.  I love how this restaurant has rooms that seem to just keep going.  It's a very long and narrow building with windows along one side that face out onto the Mt. Adams streets.

The restaurant's menu consists of salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and some burgers.  I have had their Mediterranean Plate before and really love it, but tonight I didn't want an appetizer.  I have had some sandwiches here before as well that were all pretty good, so I decided to try a salad tonight.  I ordered the Greek Salad minus the olives (I just do not like them). This is romaine, tomatoes, feta and onion with a side of hummus.  I added grilled chicken for $3.75.  This salad turned out great!  I really liked it a lot.  There was plenty of toppings, the chicken was juicy and had a nice grill seasoning to it, and I loved having just a bit of hummus with toasted pitas on the side.  The dressing was good as well and not overpowering or overdressed at all.  I would definitely order this salad again!

My friend Jessica ordered the French Onion Chicken sandwich, which I had before and really liked.  This was marinated grilled chicken topped with grilled onion, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a grilled onion roll.  She got this with a side of their sweet potato fries.  She really liked this sandwich a lot.  It is something a bit different and I like that it is served on a grilled onion roll.  The sweet potato fries are great as well--pretty average sweet potato fries, but great all the same!

This is overall a great place to go that is reasonably priced with some standard bar food and some unique specialties as well.  Service is very average.  There is also a good selection of beer and wine.  This is a very solid restaurant, every time I have gone I have enjoyed it.  It won't knock your socks off--but I like it!  If you're in the Mt. Adams area, check it out, it is sure to have something for everyone!

Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Overall Experience: 3

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