Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012~! and a Review: Teak Thai Cuisine

Sorry it has been awhile since we have posted.  We both have been busy (somewhat) and have somewhat neglected the blog! We hope you still continue to keep checking in with new posts in the year to come.  We hope all our readers had a great holiday season filled with great family, friends, and of course, great food!   Kris is still working on her computer status, so unfortunately, she is still a bit out of commission, BUT we will still hope to provide some great recipes and reviews.  As I forge on this year of 2012, I am hoping to try some new dishes at home, as well as try some new restaurants as well.  If anyone has any suggestions of places to try, or recipes to share, please feel free to share! We'd love to hear from you!   Now, on to one of my most recent outings to a restaurant: Teak!

It has become a tradition that my husband and I go to see a Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park during Christmas time. We got tickets again this year and planned to do dinner beforehand. We thought about the options in Mt. Adams, and like I said in my last post, I don't really feel like there are a ton of options. However, we hadn't been to Teak in a long time, so we decided to go there before the show.

Teak Thai Cuisine is located on St. Gregory St. in Mt. Adams right down the street from Tavern on the Hill and the Wine Cellar (the best bar in Mt. Adams in my opinion). There is a small parking a lot across the street that has a few spots;otherwise you have to look for street parking which could be difficult.

Walking into Teak, I immediately have a feeling of being in a tranquil space. There is the option of eating in the upstairs dining room, outdoors, near the bar, or in a small dining room near the bar area. I have sat outside before and love that area. We obviously didn't sit outside this night. I had sat upstairs before but not down, so we chose to sit in the lower dining area which is more like a lounge area. There is a lot of exposed brick in Teak which I love, as well as greenery giving it a warm and serene feel.
Picture of the sushi bar area.

Teak specializes in Thai cuisine and was voted "Best Thai Restaurant" in City Beat magazine. I have had many dishes here before, mostly some of their Stir fry and noodle dishes. This night we wanted something we hadn't had here before, so we decided to share a cup of hot and sour mushroom soup and some sushi rolls.

We ordered a crab stick, (2 for $4), Spicy Tuna Roll, Mt. Adams Roll, Salmon Tempura Roll, and the last one, I honestly cannot remember, sorry! Needless to say, we had plenty of food for two people. The soup came out first and it was very good! It had plenty of mushrooms and just enough kick to add to the "sour" taste.

Our sushi order wasn't far behind. The plate was full of our rolls and crab sticks. The crab stick was placed atop a small square of white sticky rice and partly wrapped in a sushi roll. I really enjoyed these! I thought the crab was very fresh and a nice size. As for the sushi, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. One of the rolls was wrapped in a fried tempura, but this roll as a whole tasted overdone. The Spicy Tuna Roll was mine and Ross' favorite, simple, but good! The other two rolls had great ingredients, but we were underwhelmed. We both agreed we have had better sushi at other restaurants.

Service was fine. Nothing bad but nothing extraordinary either. I feel most Thai restaurants focus more on food than service. I would recommend going to Teak, but to get some of their specialty dishes, stir fry, or noodles.

Food: 2.5
Service: 2
Overall Experience:2.5

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  1. Sorry if I guilted you into this post... haha!

    I love Thai food. I like really spicy food, so Thai is a good choice. I'll have to try this place sometime.


  2. Haha don't apologize....although I definitely felt a bit more pressure, but pressure can be good :)

    I love spicy food too! Like I said, Teak has great dishes and I'd like to try more.