Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Gabby's Brunch

Like I said in one of my more recent posts, Ross and I have been enjoying Saturday or Sunday brunch.  On a most recent Sunday, I googled "brunch Cincinnati" to try to come up with somewhere new.  Half Day Cafe in Wyoming was listed in the top ten.  I checked out the website and made the decision--we were headed to Wyoming.  I really don't have much reason to go to this neck of the woods, but it's only about 15 minutes from my house.  Now--you are probably wondering why the title of this is called "Gabby's" when I planned to go to Half Day Cafe.  Well, as we spotted the restaurant on the corner of Wyoming Ave, and began to park, we realized it was CLOSED.  WTF?!  A brunch place closed on a Sunday!?  I was not happy. Especially because I  had looked at the hours of the restaurant and it did not say anything about being closed on Sundays.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Well, we headed down the business district of Wyoming and saw the only other restaurant on that street offers brunch.  Gabby's Cafe.  I had been her before for dinner and was really pleased with that, so we decided to give it a try.  (Check out my previous post for dinner information).

We arrived around 10:30 or so and there weren't many tables seated. We were taken to the back room near the bar and were the only ones in that area.  That was fine, but it just didn't feel very warm and inviting for a "brunch" place, it was still a "bar".  There was jazz-type music playing which was really kind of annoying.  I like jazz fine, but not in this setting on a Sunday morning.

The hostess gave us the brunch and lunch menus.  We both definitely wanted breakfast food, so we looked that menu over.  There weren't a TON of choices, but enough to choose from and a daily special.  The menu items were all pretty standard breakfast choices, omelettes, pancakes, breakfast burrito, and combos.  I decided to try the three cheese omelette and added onion and tomato which was served with breakfast potatoes and toast.  Ross ordered the "6 for 6" which was two eggs, two pancakes, and two pieces of bacon for $6.

We both sipped on our coffee which was pretty good and very hot until our meals arrived.  I'm just gonna say it--I didn't really care for my meal at all.  I thought the omelette was overcooked and the potatoes were not cooked enough at all.  The toast was fine, but the server didn't come back to check on use until our meal was half over and I wanted some jelly for the dry toast.  After she brought the jelly, she did a nice job of keeping our drinks filled and such.

Ross wasn't very impressed with his food either.  I thought the pancakes looked overdone.  He didn't care for the bacon, it was too "flaky".  He thought the eggs were fine.

Overall, I wouldn't go back to Gabby's for brunch at all.  I'd rather have a muffin from Starbucks.  I just didn't think the food was good and hated the ambiance for a Sunday breakfast.  When we walked back into the main dining area, it was more full with families and seemed a bit more inviting than the bar area.  I WOULD go back for lunch or dinner, however.

Food: 1.5
Service: 2
Overall Experience: 1.5

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  1. Everywhere that does a decent brunch around us is REALLY expensive. I gave up and started making them myself.
    I hope your next brunch out is 100x better than the last one!