Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: O'Bryon's Irish Pub

After picking my brother and sister-in-law up from the airport, my family and I were looking for a quick but good place to get a bite to eat on a Saturday evening. We didn't want something that would be too crowded where there was a wait, considering they were pretty antsy to get home after a full day of traveling. We decided to go to O'Bryon's Irish Pub in O'Bryonville. They have a great outdoor patio upstairs and it was a beautiful evening, so the choice on where to sit was obvious.

After reviewing their menu of salads, sandwiches, and wraps, my SIL and I decided on the chicken wrap - prepared buffalo style. You can get it plain if you like, but I'm always up for a little spice! All their wraps come with a side salad, which was perfect for me because I was trying to watch my calorie intake (that day at least). The wrap itself was good. Nice chunks of chicken dredged in buffalo sauce (tasted like Frank's Red Hot) with lettuce and tomato in a whole wheat wrap. Nothing spectacular but it was exactly as I expected it to be....the salad on the other hand was not. It was made with the most awful lettuce. It was soggy, brown iceberg lettuce. From the picture, it looks a lot prettier than it really was. It was pretty bad.

My mom ordered their chicken salad wrap with the salad. She was also disappointed with the salad, but she really enjoyed their chicken salad. She's particular about her chicken salad, and she said theirs was really good - with not too much mayo, which is usually her problem with other people's chicken salad. And the chicken was shredded, which we both like better than chunky.

My dad ordered their fish and chips basket, which actually came with chips (I thought "fish and chips" was with fries). The saratoga chips were good - I did try those. I didn't have the any of the fish, but my dad devoured it and really liked it and the rye bun it came on. It sure looked good!

My brother decided to go with the rib dinner with fries and coleslaw. He seemd to enjoy the ribs. He thought the barbecue sauce might be Sweet Baby Ray's, which is his favorite. I tried both the fries and the coleslaw. The coleslaw was awful. It had waaaay too much pepper. Even my dad, who eats everything, didn't like it. The fries were great - hot and crispy with just the right amount of salt.

Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience at O'Bryon's. The food was as good or better than expected for "bar food" and the outdoor patio was really nice. It overlooked all the people walking, jogging etc. on Madison Road. The service was just okay. Our waitress wasn't too attentive - although I know she had a lot of tables inside, so she kept running in and out. If you're in the area, I'd give O'Bryon's a try!


Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Overall: 3.5

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  1. i have never had anything but fresh romaine lettuce at o'bryon's...