Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Paxton's Grill

It has been so hot and miserable outside.  There is no other way to put this weather we have been having for at least two or three weeks now.  When my friends Alli and April and I decided to get together for dinner, we would have loved to enjoy a place with a nice patio and breeze, but that is not really a choice with the weather we have had.  April suggested Paxton's Grill, located in Loveland right on the Loveland Bike Trail.  This place has a great patio looking over the trail, but we couldn't take the heat, so we sat inside.

Paxton's is a typical bar and grill on the inside.  It is very packed in there. There are many bar tables, regular tables, and a bar.  I felt a little cramped, but not uncomfortable. I noticed that this place slowly got very busy, so I was glad we got there when we did.  After talking with my friends who have been there before, they said that Paxton's is almost always crowded.  I could tell that this restaurant has a lot of locals and regular customers.  The rest of the mood was lively, loud-but not too loud-with a variety of clients: teenagers, families, older couples, as well as twenty-somethings. 

Paxton's menu is a somewhat typical bar and grill menu with a couple dishes that seem unique.  They offer a variety of appetizers, including fried pickles, hummus, wings and nachos.  April is a fan of the zucchini slices so we shared an order of those.  These are beer battered and served with ranch dressing.  I thought these were pretty good...a pretty standard fried appetizer, but I did like the batter.  It wasn't too greasy and a bit crunchy which I like.

I had a really hard time deciding what to order.  Paxton's menu has a good amount of entree salads: cobb salad, mandarin chicken, and buffalo chicken salads to name a few. They all sounded good to me, but I just couldn't figure out what kind of mood I was in.  The rest of the menu offers sandwiches, burgers, paninis, wraps, and a few platters. I finally decided to try to the Bourbon St. Chicken sandwich.  The sandwiches are served with chips or you can substitute fries or onion rings for an upcharge.  I was in the mood for a side salad, so I got a side Caesar instead.  The salad came out first and was pretty good.  The lettuce tasted fresh and had just enough dressing.

My sandwich was grilled chicken topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms smothered in homemade bourbon MESSY.  This sandwich was overall pretty good.  Nothing that I would really remember again though.  I liked the bourbon glaze, but would have maybe liked a bit more of it.  The onions and mushrooms were fine.

Alli went with the buffalo chicken wrap, which is served with waffles fries.  I didn't try the wrap but Alli liked it and it looked pretty good. I tried the waffle fries which I thought were very good!

April got the BLT and substituted waffle fries for her chips.  She also seemed pleased with her sandwich. It appeared to be a pretty standard BLT. 

I thought Paxton's was okay.  Like I said,  a pretty typical bar and grill.  Service was standard.  I liked its location and thought that was definitely a perk. I would like to go again when it is a bit cooler out to enjoy the patio, but otherwise, I probably wouldn't make the drive just for the food.


Food: 2
Service: 2.5
Overall Experience: 3

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