Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest Blog: Noce's Pizzeria

This week, our good friend Abby offered to guest blog about a pizzeria in Montgomery.  This pizza looks awesome! I have eaten here as well and think it is great!  So thanks for sharing Abs, we hope everyone enjoys!

My husband Matt and I tend to do a lot with our families and this summer night was no exception. Matt’s niece and nephew are in town from Cleveland staying with Grandma for a few days, so our nights have been filled with swimming at the pool, riding bikes on the Loveland trail, and of course dinner!

With six adults and three kids do we go out to dinner or cook? Going to the grocery and making dinner was quite a challenge for grandma (also responsible for 3 little ones) and going out is most likely going to be a disaster (trying to keep them sitting, entertained and well behaved while 6 adults eat). So, our decision was Pizza night in!

In my opinion pizza can be one of the best or worst things out there. We’ve all had that quick, cheap pizza that tastes like cardboard, but this time we did it right! We ordered carry out from Noce's, a pizzeria in Montgomery.  It was delicious and worked out perfectly with our big family!

The biggest pizza we had was the White Dream.  It was a giant pizza with garlic and oil for sauce, topped with mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, tomato, broccoli and basil!  The lightness of the garlic and oil sauce was great for a hot summer night and the veggies added good flavor!

The second pizza we ordered was what our family calls “The Bill Special”.  My father-in-law is not so much of a health-nut but he can order a great pizza.  A no sauce pizza with extra cheese and bacon!  I hate to admit it but it’s delicious!  The cheese was perfectly melted and the bacon adds a salty crunch that is to die for!  With a hint of garlic in each bite, what more could you ask for?
The other two pizza’s we order were a bit more on the “typical” side but perfect for the kids.    One was a half bacon, half cheese pizza and the other was a good old pepperoni ‘za.  The kids ate it up and asked for more of the bacon and cheese, but the pepperoni was a bit spicy for their liking (okay for the adults). 

The only other thing we ordered were two Caesar salads which were nicely packed with the dressing on the side. Portions were enormous, but the salad itself was just okay.
Our total for one large specialty pizza, three medium pizzas and two salads came to $73!!!! Better than going out for a meal but a bit expensive for pizza!
All in all the experience of Noce’s was positive! I think it hit the spot, was much better than your average pizza joint and left us with plenty of leftovers for the other busy days and nights ahead with the kids! I’d say, give it a try and definitely get the “Bill Special”! :)

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