Monday, August 1, 2011

Mac's Pizza Pub

I was recently craving pizza and wanted to go somewhere that I hadn't been in a long time. That made me think of Mac's Pizza Pub.  I have only been here one other time and didn't really eat, but I had tried their Gyro Pizza at the Taste of Cincinnati last year and loved it.  So, Ross and I decided to on a Friday night. 

Mac's is located on W. McMillan in Clifton on UC's campus.  It is definitely more of a college restaurant, but the crowd was definitely mixed.  There were students, couples, as well as people in there 30s and 40s.  One thing I always love about going to places near college campuses are the prices.  They always have better deals for drinks! Our server was great, she was very friendly and offered some of the specials that were going on. This night, well drinks were $2 and some flavored vodkas were $3.  Very reasonable.

We decided to have a drink or two before ordering.  While we were enjoying our drinks, I took in the decor and enjoyed watching the different patrons that were coming in and out. Mac's front room consists mostly of booths and the back has a bar with high tops surrounding multiple TVs.  The decor has some eclectic pieces as well as some UC memorabilia.  In a little "hallway" there is a shuffleboard table that seems to attract many people. 

We finally ordered and I had to go with the gyro pizza and a side salad.  After hearing some of our server's recommendations, Ross went with the "unhealthy" burger.

The side salad was good, it had plenty of toppings and just the right size for a side salad. 

Next our entrees came out.  The gyro pizza was just as good as I had remembered!  I don't even particularly like gyros, but I love this pizza.  It is cheesey with a combination of great Mediterranean-type flavors.  The crust is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, which I like.  A personaly 8 inch pizza was around $8 or $9 and I had a bit left over as well. 

Ross' burger looked good but I didn't try it.  It had a bit too many toppings ofr my liking, but Ross seemed to be pleased.  It had jalapenos, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and pepper jack cheese. This was served with waffle fries that were a nice alternative to regular fries. 

We continued to have another drink and attempted to play the shuffle board...however, some older guys were hogging the table and wouldn't let us play...they weren't even playing at that moment, they were eating!! So annoying...

Anyways, the service was great at Mac's.  I believe our server's name was Nicole and she was always on top of it, very friendly, and prompt.  I really enjoyed Mac's and would love to back again any time soon!

Food: 4
Service: 5
Overall Experience: 4.5

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